Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aachen, Gesudheit!

Our second day in Germany was Sunday, so we took the subway to the Cologne chapel and went to church!  We couldn't figure out how to buy a subway ticket, so our good intentions may have been cancelled out by stealing the subway ride.  Oops.

Everyone there was so very, very friendly.  A lot of members spoke English, and the bishopric even asked one person to translate sacrament meeting for us.  He did a great job, even using the word "serendipitous" at one point (most of the Germans we met spoke better English than we did.  Another used the word "serpentine" while giving us directions).
After church, we were planning on taking the train to Bonn, but at the advice of our church translator, we went to a town called Aachen instead.  It was a really cool trip.
Aachen cathedral

Charlemagne had the Aachen cathedral built, and made Aachen the capital of the Holy Roman Empire for a time.
Someone else's much cooler picture of the Aachen cathedral.

Hanging in the cathedral square.

The "cute face."

The "shy face."

Such a cute little town.

Basketball hoop in the cathedral square.  For the monks?

Mr. Backer

The train station.  Love the combination of old and new.  And I love the German word for "Main train station," which is Hauptbanhof.

This was one of our favorite days in Germany.  We loved meeting the members of the church in Cologne, and Aachen was the perfect mix of history and charm.  And it was a very easy and relaxed day. 

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