Monday, June 24, 2013

Baker B&B Open for Business!

This weekend we had visitors from Arizona.  Our first houseguests in our new home!  My friend Brenda, her daughter Lily, and her husband (for a day) came for a fun Florida weekend.  Her husband, Mike, was going to Miami for a bachelor weekend with his guy friends, so Brenda and Lily came along to hang with us.

Lily will be a year old in July, so we figured out that she and Levi J. are like Irish twins!  And they sure acted like siblings (in a good way).

Best shopping cart ever.  If I had real Irish twins, I would only shop at this grocery store.

Looks like they're at the drive-in movie watching the lobsters.

Lily and Levi J. got along so well.  They absolutely loved playing together.  And Levi J. was so excited to teach her everything he knows.
Teaching her the maracas.

More maraca lessons.

Teaching her to drum on the chairs.

Teaching her to climb the stairs.


We had a great time!  We hit the pool and the beach, rode the trolley around downtown, went to our favorite local diner, drove around the island and gawked at the mansions, went to Cityplace for ice cream and live music, and spent a lot of time talking and catching up.
A million pics of the babies and only one of Brenda and me.

Beach naps are the BEST!

Riding the trolley.  He insisted on having his own seat!

Ice cream at Sloane's, a West Palm Beach must-see.

Brenda and Lily were the perfect houseguests.  Brenda constantly did the dishes, they both entertained Levi J. to no end, and they brought Levi J. a gift: alphabet flashcards with desert animals on each one!  And a present for me too, a beautiful bracelet.

Best bums, I mean buds!

We were sad to see them go.  Hopefully they will come again soon! And they kicked off a fun summer of guests: Sherrie and Preston come next month, and Niki, Bryan, and the Brimhall babes in August!  Yay!

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