Monday, June 17, 2013


Life totally changes when you have a kid.  Duh.  I've found that most things, though, are either positive changes or are things I don't miss.

Most things.

One thing I do really, really miss is going to the movies.  Levi (big) and I used to go to the movies almost every weekend.  We saw just about every PG-13 movie that looked halfway decent.  Now, we only go to ones we really, really are dying to see.

BUT, joy of joys, I finally get to go to movies again, now with my other Levi!  We went to our first movie together (other than when he was a tiny baby and was sleeping) last week.

The movie theater by our house shows free kids movies in the summer.  This week was Despicable Me.  A few friends decided to go together and see how the toddlers would do.  We didn't know what to expect, but we figured if they flipped out and we had to leave early, at least it was free.

And they did great!

All the kids watched the entire movie, except Mia, who only had to leave about 5 minutes before the end.  They were mesmerized!  And the moms were thrilled to have one more thing to do in the blazing heat of summer.

I was especially thrilled to be able to share something that I really love with my little guy.  Now I just need to get him to love popcorn, too...although then I'd have to share it!

We're going again this week to Madagascar 3.  Hope I won't have to eat my words (only popcorn).

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