Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  I know so many great dads out there; it really touches my heart to think of the great men who love their kids and put them first in their lives.

But a special shout out goes to my husband, who really is an incredible dad.  He loves his little boy with all his heart, and would spend every waking minute with him if he could.
Levi doesn't want to go anywhere without his little buddy.  I'm so happy he wants to take the baby with us everywhere we go, whether it be Europe, the Bahamas, or the Cheesecake Factory.  He really loves his baby.

And happy Father's Day to my own dad, too!

I love him and miss him, and glad we're able to stay close even when we live so far away.

In a world of deadbeat dads, I have been really blessed to have so many wonderful fathers in my life.  

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