Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Future Jazz Player

Daddy Levi loves basketball; he loves to play it, watch it, the whole shebang.  So naturally we are already planning on Levi J. being a baller.  This weekend I scored a free basketball hoop, just his size!
A friend was moving and didn't want to take the hoop, so we got it for free fifty-free!  She didn't have the basketball around, though, so he's been playing with a plush Angry Bird that Ray won him in Las Vegas.  Also, an old tennis ball that a neighbor dog chewed on and abandoned.

He's getting good with the ball!  He has a mean layup, and does it both right- and left-handed.

It's not his first basketball hoop, actually.  We have another free hand-me-down hoop that he used to play with a lot as a baby.  He still does the occasional dunk in it for old times sake.

Look at that bald head!  Adorable.

And can I also mention ..... HEAT RULE!  ;)


  1. No, you cannot mention that the Heat rule, because that would be lying. And you don't lie. Heat suck, NBA is rigged. ;)
    But in other news, I'm totally jealous! We also scored the free little one, like Levi had as a baby and it was awesome. Now Noah has been playing with a Wells Fargo-"hang on the back of the door (chair for him)" type, and it is getting too short. We are totally in the market for the bigger one! So jealous you got it for free! Well done!! They cost about $50 new... Ugh. I'm still holding out. Haha!

  2. I love it when you post old pics next to the new ones. It is amazing how much that little one has changed in such a short time.