Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Day On Tour

One day left in Paris, and so much to see!  We didn't even make it to all the sites on our must-see, list, but we came close.  Luckily, we did get to the Louvre! 
Talk about "so much to see," the Louvre itself could fill five days of sightseeing.  We hit the majors that we wanted to see, and got a little bit of wandering done too.  I especially did, as little Levi decided he did NOT want to nap in his stroller this day.  But there was no other option so he had to cry it out.  In his stroller.  In the Louvre.  I certainly was not going to wait in line to get  in again.  And he did fall asleep, eventually.  Sorry, art lovers of Paris!  I tried to speed walk so as not to disturb any one person for too long.  Just a lot of people for short spurts as we sprinted through gallery after gallery.

The glass pyramid

The Coronation of Napoleon

Winged Victory (sorry the pics are so fuzzy, no flash allowed!)

Can't remember the name of this one.  Not sure if it's famous or not.

Venus deMilo

I am tough because....not sure why I'm doing this pose?

Taking it all in


Napoleon III Apartment 

We saw a lot of Egyptian artifacts because we got hopelessly lost in the Egyptian wing and could NOT find our way out!  It seriously took us forever to get out of there.

Eyes up, boy, eyes up

Trying to read (he seriously was)

We did escape the curse of the mummy, and finally made it out of the Egyptian wing.  Then it was back to Notre Dame to climb the tower and meet the gargoyles! 

Lovers put locks on the bridge as a symbol of their love.  Kind of neat.

I bought a beret!  And we were bored waiting in line.
To get to the top of Notre Dame, there were a LOT of stairs to climb in a very tiny stone stairwell.  I was pretty winded, and I wasn't even carrying the little man!  He actually wanted to do the climbing himself, but at his pace, it would have been a midnight viewing at the top.

The top was pretty incredible.  The view of the city was beautiful, and it was so surreal to be face to face with the gargoyles.  They were each so unique, so intricate, and so funny!  This was one of my favorite experiences of the trip.
 Too bad the wire fencing had to be there.  Would have been a much better picture without it.

Do you see the elephant gargoyle?  Love it!

 My favorite picture.  The gargoyle looks like he's watching over the city.

Angel, and a pelican or crane behind her.

The bell tower!  Quasimodo, come out!

Back at the bottom.
Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood a little bit, then back to the hotel to babysit baby Brooke while Jenny and Tom went out.

Cool café with strange Santa Clause walking by.
So that was our last day in Paris, but we didn't realize it was going to be our last day in Paris.  We had to travel back to Germany the next day, but thought we could catch a train in the afternoon or evening and still see some sights.  Unfortunately, the trains were booked (crazy), and we had to take a 7:00 am train back to Germany.  So sad!  But we saw so much, and walked holes in our shoes and blisters on our feet.  Literally.    

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