Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Par-ee Holds the Key to Your Heart

So that concludes our Germany adventures!  Off to France!
Our train from Cologne to Paris left at 6:45 AM!  Yikes.  Luckily, little Levi was an early bird practically the entire trip, and was awake and ready for fun bright and early.
He climbed in the stroller himself before he had even gotten his PJs off.
Luckily, we all got to grab some Zzzs on the train.

Here little Levi was just pretending to sleep like Dad.  So cute.
And I just *had* to grab one last pretzel croissant for the road.
Yes, there is such a thing as a pretzel croissant.  And yes, it is amazing.
The only bad part of the train ride was that the conductor told us mid-trip we had purchased the wrong ticket, and made us pay another 100 euros there on the train!  I think that was pretty shady, and what are you supposed to do?  Say you want off?  :(
But we made it to Paris with a mile-long list of things to see!  So we dove right in.  First stop, what else but the Eiffel Tower!

We didn't feel up for braving the crowds to actually go up the tower, but we had fun admiring it from the ground.
And little Levi had fun chasing pigeons.
While we're on the subject of Eiffel Tower wildlife, what the HECK is this thing we saw there???  Anyone have a clue?
It was really big.  And gross.
After the Eiffel Tower, we walked over to Hotel Invalides, which is where Napoleon is entombed.
Little Levi needed a stroller break.

It surprises me that Napoleon seems so honored here.  Wasn't he kind of a bad guy, you know, taking over the Revolution, destroying democracy, making himself emperor?  Apparently the French still think he was pretty great.
Napoleon's tomb.  Crazy to think he's in there.
And after Napoleon, we crossed the street to see the Rodin Museum.  Well, the sculpture garden anyway.  We didn't go inside the actual museum.
The garden was very very cool.  I had never been before, and it was definitely worth seeing.  It was very cool to see The Thinker, and the garden was a great place for little Levi to run around and enjoy himself a little (Napoleon's tomb was not very interesting to a toddler).
The Thinker

Why is he so famous?  Not sure.  But I like him.  You can see Invalides in the background of this pic.
Little Levi's favorite part of the garden was chasing a duck high and low.  He was very determined!  The duck finally escaped by jumping in a pond.  And little Levi cried.

Admiring the artwork close-up with Dad.

High five!  No wonder the French hate us.  ;)

Where Rodin lived
We were completely exhausted by this point.  We still had a few hours before we were supposed to meet our friends Jenny and Tom at the hotel, so we stopped and had dinner.  It was so delicious, and just exactly what I wanted dinner in France to taste like.  It boggles my mind that some random restaurant we picked because we walked past it would have such perfect, delicious food.  And almost everything we ate in France was like that, completely perfect and delicious.  I miss the food already.
Umm, before I end this post, can I add a picture that's not related to anything?  It's a picture of an apothecary in Germany that was right by our hotel, and it was a for-real apothecary!  Not a pharmacy.  Check it out.

Crazy, huh?  Like I said, not related to anything, but I couldn't figure out how to work it into the blog post.  Haha.

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  1. Great fun!!!! I think the animal is a muscrat.