Monday, June 3, 2013

Rolling on the River

My favorite part of our Germany trip was cruising up the Rhine River.  We took a train to a town named Bingen, then cruised north (the river actually does flow north) for about 2 1/2 hours, then took a train the rest of the way back to Cologne.

Baby Levi was absolutely crazy for the trains.  He loved them.

 Look at that smile!
When we got to Bingen, we found out we had just missed the boat by mere minutes.  So we got to relax for a few hours and wander through the quaint town.  I was actually glad we weren't able to jump on the cruise immediately.

Best ice cream sundaes ever.

We waited until the baby slept to pig out on treats.

He got to run pantsless through the park.

Once on the boat, all we had to do was sit back and see castle after castle.  I couldn't believe how many were on that small stretch of river!  Get ready for a lot of pictures of castles.......
There were vineyards all around this castle.

Our train
One fantastic feature of the cruise was a playground on board!  That definitely helped.  Little Levi wasn't too impressed by the castles.  But he did like the slide.


He looks so little on that big slide!

A famous rock.  Seriously.  There's some German opera song about it?  Something to do with mermaids?

Our boat.
I could have stayed on the boat all day.  Alas, my boys did not agree.  But according to all the guidebooks, we saw the best parts of the river.  And riding the boat all the way to Cologne would have been a 7 hour trip!  We had a beautiful day on the river, and got to spend some time in some little towns we would have never seen otherwise.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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  1. So very beautiful!!!! Glad you had a great time