Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Generations of Fun

Since Father's Day is this weekend, and also since I didn't blog about this when it happened, this will be a post about when my dad, Papa, came to town!  It was immediately before the move and the Europe trip, so hopefully you'll forgive me for neglecting it until now.

I don't think Dad has been to visit since I quit my job, and it was so fun to be able to hang out all day every day instead of running off to work every morning.

First stop, the Breakers Hotel. 

It's one of the oldest, fanciest, and most famous hotels in Palm Beach, but I had never been there.  Since it's right on the beach, we decided to check it out.

It actually had a lot for kids.  There were several play rooms, including an art room with a big aquarium and kid's movie theater.  We played some basketball, colored some pictures, then snuck to the beach.
So serious.

Movie theater

Making sand castles.

Even though the Breakers is right on a beautiful beach, they didn't make it very easy to get to the beach from the hotel.  And once we got there, there were hardly any other people on the beach.  I guess everyone was at the pool just looking at the beach.

Papa and little Levi worked on a sand castle until a wave took it out.  The wave caught Levi by surprise, and it wasn't a happy surprise!

Scared by the wave that knocked him from behind.

We also got in some good pool time.  We were going to ride bikes, but after a lot of work and a Walmart run, we couldn't get the bike trailer's tire to stay inflated.  So we just relaxed instead.
And just like when I was a kid, Dad made little Levi wear sunglasses.  He even bought him a pair with Cars on them!

Looking so cool.
Of course, the glasses didn't stay on for long, but we'll keep trying.

We also went out to a nature preserve in the Everglades and saw some great wildlife.
Love the Glades.

We got to see a little gator swimming by, and saw some beautiful pink birds that were just incredible to see in the wild.

I didn't take this picture, but these are the birds we saw.  Rosetta spoonbills.

My dad also spent time with Lexi and Ale in Miami, so when I dropped him off we hit food truck night for great food and music.
I like how the truck behind us says "Authentic Mexican."  That's right!

Always, always fun to spend time with Dad!  We're still trying to tempt him to live on a boat in South Florida, but so far no luck.  Love you mucho, Daddio!

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  1. You need to get the B.L. some croakies so he will keep his sunglasses on :)