Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cool and Clean and Crystal

The last few years Levi has been really interested in scuba diving the natural springs in Florida.  These springs are freshwater and are part of this immense underground waterway full of limestone caverns and caves.  There are a few of the major springs about two hours from Tallahassee, so when we took our Independence Day trip to Tally, we spent Friday and Saturday at the springs.

I went prepared for a day swimming.  We had our suits, our sunscreen, Levi J.'s floaties, we were ready.  And the water was freeeeezing!  The water is 72 degrees year round,  so in the summer that is cold!  Plus, we're used to the Caribbean bathwater in the ocean.  We did not swim very much.  But we did swim a little!
Big Levi looks so funny in this shot.

The water was amazingly clear.  It's hard to describe how perfectly clear it is.  Levi said the dives were really cool.  One of the dives they did could have gone down to 150 feet!  They didn't go that far down, of course.

Our friend Lane

Down in the dark deep!

They grate off the cavern so divers don't go it and die.

The spring they dove on Saturday was covered in this green duckweed.  Levi said underwater it gives a crazy green tinge to the light.

Florida is full of cool adventures!  Glad we got to see the springs.
Future Florida diver

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