Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Monday we decided to go on a little adventure.  Sherrie and Preston had never seen alligators in the wild, even with all their trips to Florida in the past five years.  So we went to the Everglades for an airboat ride and alligator wrestling show!

Everyone looks so thrilled.

The airboat ride was an hour long, and I was a teeny bit nervous about how little Levi would do for an entire hour.  But he was great!  When the gators were close, he would start yelling and pointing.  And he didn't mind the loud noise of the motor.  

We saw quite a few gators, about five or six.  We also saw some great birds, including a whole island covered in vultures.  The Asian man sitting in front of us would loudly yell everything the guide said just after he said it, especially about the sawgrass.  He was apparently very excited to see sawgrass.

Levi got to feed this bird.

Peeking at us.  Creepy.

Preston tried to feed this alligator, and almost got a fine.

After the airboat ride was alligator wrestling.  It was actually a girl doing the wrestling, and she was strong!  She pulled a gator right out of the water and sat on him.  It wasn't so much wrestling, though, as gator taming.  The gator was very very docile.  All the gators they have there are rescued from alligator hunters who take them out of populated areas.  Preston even got to hold a little one.

You can see there were a bunch of other gators in the pond and lying around while she "wrestled" this one.

She called this one "face off," because if it doesn't work...

And then, after wondering at the beauty of alligators, we ate one.  Tasted just like a chicken nugget.

Action shot.

Little Levi even ate one!  But he spent most of his time on a coconut popsicle.

Another funny thing about the day--we saw a group of Mormons from Utah!  One couple had missionary tags on, making them easy to spot.  Another guy had a shirt that said "Happy Valley" on it. They weren't quite as amazed to see us as we were to see them.  I guess they didn't realize how few and far between Mormons in Florida are.

Fun day!


  1. We did this same tour after our cruise! But we only saw 1 alligator from the boat. Lame. Glad you guys got to see more! And great story about the Mormons... I'm probably totally turning into one of those people. Haha! :)

  2. Fun time!!!

    I love fried alligator!!!