Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday America, and Thanks for the Time Off!

For Independence Weekend, we took advantage of the fact that Levi got two days of work off instead of just one, and we took a roadtrip!  

But first, we celebrated with the Toddler BFFs at the beach.
Levi and Orion dancing.

 The gang.  We're all the way on the right.
Rinsing off.  Cutiest baby bums ever!!  One mom captioned, "The fountain of youth!"

My little Uncle Sam

I always love our holiday parties with the BFFs.  Such a fun group of friends!

Just after the party on Wednesday, we took off for Tallahassee, our state capital and a six-hour drive away.  Unfortunately, baby Levi didn't sleep a wink the whole time, so we definitely felt every hour.

We stayed with friends who moved from West Palm to Tallahassee about a year ago.  They have a six-month old baby.
Kerline and baby Archer

Levi J. giving baby Archer a hug and a kiss

It rained the entire day on the 4th, so we didn't get to see any parades or fireworks.  But we still had a nice, relaxing, enjoyable day.
We BBQed on the porch.  Yum!

Levi J. posed like this and kept saying, "Cheeeese!"

"Is it still raining?!"

We barbecued, took a driving tour of Tallahassee, and went out for frozen yogurt.
The State Capital.  The Capital is actually the tower, not the domed building.  The dome is the old capital building, and is now a museum.

I love the Spanish moss all over the huge trees.

The governor's mansion.

Florida State University.


We had a nice time in Tallahassee.  It was really great to spend time with our friends, and it was an interesting place to visit.  It does not feel like Florida at all; it felt more like Virginia than Tallahassee to me.

On Friday and Saturday we visited some nearby (relatively) natural springs.  I'll save those visits for another post.

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