Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Home

We had our housewarming party on Saturday, and it was a total success!  Tons of people, tons of food, tons of fun.  Unfortunately, I did not take a single picture.  BUT I took a lot of pictures of the house, since it was the cleanest it has ever been (and probably ever will be, ha!)
So if you're interested in a virtual tour of our house, keep reading.
Living room.  Wish you could see how high these ceilings are!  And SO much light.

Other side of the living room (kind of where I was standing in the first picture).


My sewing room (off the kitchen)
Dining room (also off the kitchen) (Levi hates the picture hanging in here)

Guest room/TV room

Facing the bed in the guest room

Levi J.'s room

Master bath, and jet tub!

Dual sinks.  Also, hi!

Balcony off the master bedroom.

Master bedroom, boorrring.

Dual closets!  In between the master bed and master bath.

I didn't take any outside pictures, which is a shame because the yard is fantastic.  It's so hard to show what it really looks like, but there's a glimpse.  Levi J. and I are in love with the house.  Big Levi is feeling the stress of homeownership, as our the yard and sprinklers have been causing him a lot of stress lately.  So he wants to move back to the apartment.  But he'll come around in time, I'm sure!
Wish you could all have been at the party.  I'm hoping we'll get a lot more houseguests in the near future.  You are all invited anytime you want a Florida getaway!  
Flowers a friend sent for the housewarming.  They smell amazing.



  1. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. This is great! Love the pics and so happy for you guys to have a fun new home! :)