Monday, July 22, 2013

My Best Boys at Best Buy

This evening we went to Best Buy.  Now, we already know it is Daddy Levi heaven.  But come to find out, it is also little Levi heaven as well.  So many phones, and you can touch them all!!  Mom doesn't yell, "No Elmo!! And don't call anyone!" every time you lay a finger on one!
Giant bobble-head baby

He looks so old in this picture to me!  Not "uno" for much longer!

The computers and tablets were quite enticing, as well.

Everyone who walked by couldn't help but grin and say, "Awww" as Levi J. jabbered away on the phone.  And the employees didn't even shoot us dirty looks when we set an alarm off by pulling on one of those cords too hard.
And the shopping trip was a success!  We now own an HD antenna and can get seven television channels for free.  We are committed to living cableless!  Just don't mention Project Runway to me, pretty please.


  1. He is so cute! I love the bobble head pic! Haha! And we totally live cable free... it's great. Until they just took away our HD channels last week, for no apparent reason. But this post reminded me that I need to go buy an antenna tomorrow. So thanks! :)

  2. You can get Project Runway on They don't post it until the Monday after it airs, though. Cable is overrated when you can get everything online for free!