Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nana and the P

The summer of Florida fun continues!  We have had Grandma Sherrie (Levi's mom) and Uncle P (Levi's brother Preston) visiting us for the past week.  Levi the Younger (trying out new nicknames, ha!) loves loves loves hanging out with Grandma and Uncle P.

Lead me, guide me, walk beside me...

He was a sweetie all week, and just loved all the attention he got.  And I loved all the attention he got, too, because I was able to get a few things done on my to-do list!  ;)  After assessing Levi J.'s toys, Uncle P got him a Humvee and helicopter, which were a huge hit.
Grandma and Uncle P also got him riding a bike!  And the way he did it was hilarious.
Is he flying like Superman or riding a bike?  Maybe both?  Too funny.

We of course did a beach day, where the boys went scuba diving and speared three lionfish.

Preston and his prey

Grandma and Levi J.

Afterwards, big Levi somehow convinced us all to help him wash the car.  Jedi mind tricks, I believe.

And we went out for some good ole Southern barbecue!
Party of one?

Saturday morning we visited the site of the Ft. Lauderdale temple.  It looks so close to done!

Then we did some outlet shopping.  We took turns entertaining the little guy.
You can't walk by these cars without letting him in one.  He goes beserk.


And on the drive home I snuck this shot.
See a resemblance?

Monday we rolled out a Wild Baker adventure to see some gators, but I'll blog about that tomorrow.

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