Saturday, July 27, 2013

Party Animals

Today was a BUSY day!  Too many parties and too little time.  What a nice problem to have, or as Levi and I always say, "First world problems!"
I hosted a jewelry brunch this morning at the house.  My friend Sara, a fellow SAHM, sells Stella and Dot jewelry, which is pretty dang fabulous.  We got to try on all her awesome sparkly, eat quiche and cinnamon rolls, and chat with the girls.  Very very fun.

Look at that arm candy.  The girl has good taste!

Hmm, I like my dining room this way!

It was a fun morning!  And it looks like I'm going to get some pretty awesome freebies.  Yay.
After the jewelry party, little Levi had to squeeze in a quick nap before another in the long line of two-year birthday parties.
It was supposed to be a pool party, but the rain put a stop to that.  So they ended up splashing in the fountain!

Holy moly, it was SO much work to try to get these kids to stand there for a picture!

Afterwards it looked like a baby frat party had destroyed the place.

We never got a decent picture of all of them!
I ate waaayyy too much sugar today.  But it was definitely a fun-filled day!  We had to cancel our dinner plans with friends; two parties was about our limit for one day. 
Love a day with jewelry and birthday cake!

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