Friday, August 9, 2013

All Aboard!

Today we went on an excursion with our playgroup.  The kids are all obsessed with "choo choos," so we took a ride on a train!  We rode the local commuter train, called the Tri-Rail.
The kids were bananas for the train.  They couldn't stop saying, "choo choo!" the whole ride.

You can actually see River saying the words, "choo choo!"
Unfortunately their enthusiasm did not last the entire ride, and when they saw the moms with their cellphones out (for picture taking), they all demanded electronics for the last bit of the ride.
We rode the train for almost an hour to Ft. Lauderdale.  We then had to wait over an hour to catch the train back, so we went to Bass Pro Shop, which was right by the station.
Right next door was the International Fishing Hall of Fame.

Well it is Shark Week, isn't it?
We checked out the aquariums, got roped into a timeshare pitch, then had lunch before hopping on the train again.
Scoping out the boats for Dada.

Whoa!  Big fish.
Just about as big as Levi J.
And one of the highlights of Bass Pro Shop was the awesome shopping cart.  They had to take turns "driving," while mom was actually the one lugging their bums around in that tank.  Whew!
Levi and River

Levi and Orion
It was such a fun trip!  I never would have thought to make a day out of a commuter train ride, but it was a great time.  On to a fun-filled weekend!


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