Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Always Be My Baby

My baby is TWO today!  And, unlike last year, he just loved the attention he got today on his birthday.  He got to tell everyone he saw that he is two, and held up his two little fingers, crossed for some reason, to show them.
He got up early and got to open his presents from his grandmas.  He loved ripping into that wrapping paper.  He got a whole trove of Elmo presents from Grandma Sherrie, and some wooden trucks and books from Gramms.  Every single present was a hit; those women know him very well.
Looking a little dazed and sleepy still.

Elmo!  He would hold up the fork and spoon and say "One two one two one two Elmo!"

Gone are the days when mom had to open his presents for him.

Reading his card from Aunt KyKy, Uncle Paul, and Peyton

He loves these little wooden trucks from Gramms.
Levi and I got him a tricycle for his birthday gift!  He is all boy, just obsessed with anything that has wheels.  He just loves the trike.  He hasn't quite got pedaling yet, but he's got his feet on the pedals, and will put his feet down to push the trike around.  I don't think it will be too long before he figures it out.
I just love this picture.  And he looks so blonde!
I thought I might enjoy giving him the trike more than he would actually enjoy riding it, but no, he is head over heels for it.  And it only cost me $8!
Some friends came over for a playdate today, which was a little rocky.  He was not cool with sharing some of his new toys, his tricycle in particular.  There was a pretty big meltdown, timeout in the crib, etc etc.  But it ended well!  With lunch, of course.

This was the caption Izzy's mom put on the pics: "She can hang with the boys just fine #offroading #oneoftheguys"  Ha!

Feliz cumpleanos!
Starting a band.
I *thought* that maybe for Levi J.'s birthday I would try to say yes to any requests he made.  That lasted as long as two Curious George episodes and three juice boxes.  Ha.  At least he liked his presents.
We'll be celebrating big in a week and a half (28 "Yes" RSVPs!), but I'm glad that today got to be a special day for my baby, too.  Because, yes, he will always be my baby!

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