Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Are Magic.

Disney day two was Magic Kingdom, the mothership for Disneyphiles, the magical center of it all.  
Toddlers walk too slow!!  Must get to Disney!!

I wore a green t-shirt and stretch pants.  I am officially a middle-age mom.

I love how excited the Brimhall girls got.  DISNEY!!!!
One of the best parts of the day?  Niki and Lexi made us all matching shirts!!  Go big or go home.  We were all different Toy Story characters.  Since this trip was all about the toddlers, Levi J. and Piper got to be Buzz and Woody.  I was an alien, Niki was the purple bear, Bryan was Sid (the evil kid), Lexi and Ale were Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead, and baby Claire was Evil Dr. Porkchop (aka the Piggy Bank).  Oh, and speaking of pork, big Levi had to go to work and bring home the bacon, so no Disney-day-two for him.  Sorry honey.

We made sure to get a group shot before the hot sweatiness this time.

Why post this one?  Because I can. ;)

Not sure what's going on...but it sure is funny.

You've got a friend in me...
Magic Kingdom is so so much fun with toddlers.  There are so many rides for them, and they get to see all their favorite Disney characters.  There's even a new roller coaster that they're tall enough to ride!  Though they still have a little while before they're up for Space Mountain.

The toddlers' first roller coaster!

Evil Dr. Porkchop!  Poor thing was the only one not tall enough for the roller coaster.

Riding the Little Mermaid

Why?  Because I can.

My most favorite picture of these two.

Why?  Because this is my blog and I look kind of cute here.

Bryan wouldn't let Piper drive...get used to hearing that phrase, Piper.

Mmm, ice cream.  It was a HOT day.  Look at those pink cheeks!

Cutie pie.  She had a few meltdowns, but I can't blame her.  Overall she was an angel.

"We pay all this money to come to Disneyworld and all they want to ride is the carousal.  There's one just down the street from our house!"  Wise words from a random lady standing next to Niki.

You know Piper and carousals.  Ob. Sessed.
It was a really hot day.  Our Animal Kingdom day was rainy, which kept it cooler, and also there were a lot of shady trees.  Magic Kingdom was just blazing hot.  Luckily, we figured out a trick utilizing the "stroller passes" to get through lines faster.  Oh yeah!  We bad!

Lunch at Be Our Guest!  It was worth waiting in line in the hot sun.
These two are nuts.  I wish they didn't live so far apart!!
Disney never fails to amaze me.  They are always innovating.  They are still in the process of remodeling Fantasyland, but already there are some new attractions.  One is an interactive show with Belle and the characters from Beauty and the Beast.  It was adorable!  The kids all get different parts to act out.  Levi J. was Felipe the horse, and he gave a great horse whinny and a little gallop.  Piper was Mrs. Potts and walked around saying "I'm pouring!  I'm pouring!"  Bryan was a suit of armor and was given several stern corrections by an employee when he wasn't playing his part right.  At the end they all got to meet Belle.  It was so sweet; it's definitely a must-see if you have kids.

He wasn't too impressed by Belle.  That's what happens when you have such a pretty mama.  ;)


Bryan wants to make this his Christmas card.
We made the most of our day.  We were the very last people on Splash Mountain before the rides all closed down for the night.  By that time Piper and Levi J. were complete freakshows.  They were so hyper slash exhausted.  Piper was down on all fours, bouncing her legs and shouting "More more more!!"  And Levi was trying to copy everything she did.  Unfortunately, with the fireworks and the massive crowds all trying to exit the park at the same time, it took almost an hour just to get to our car.

Yes, my son is shirtless.  Trust me, you don't want to know why.

Even with the crowds......it's all so magical!!
All in all, this was the best Disney trip I've had in a long time.  So so fun.  And Florida residents got a deal where you buy two days and get one free, so we have to go again in the next six months!  Woot woot!  Tower of Terror, here we come!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We Are Animals

So being Floridians now, Levi J. had been to Disney twice before his second birthday.  But I was so excited to take him on this trip (visits four and five for him), thinking this was going to be the first time he really truly enjoyed it.

And he did!!

He calls Mickey "Mimi!"
He *loved* it.  So much so that by 9:00 pm on our second full day of Disney, he and Piper were bouncing off the walls shouting "More more more!!"

We got a great Groupon deal for a two-room condo in Orlando, just enough room for four Brimhalls, three Bakers, and two Almeidas.  Day one, Animal Kingdom and day two, Magic Kingdom!

There is an over abundance of pictures, so I'll just post Animal Kingdom pics today.  But I'll keep them coming, don't you worry.

Unfortunately, Lexi was the photographer.

I hadn't been to Animal Kingdom for over 10 years, and was totally surprised at how fun it was!  We had a blast.  
Mt. Everest in the background
Expedition Everest was definitely an awesome ride (I'm sorry to say it blows the Matterhorn out of the water, no joke), as was the safari and the dinosaur time travel one. 

 Baby Claire!
Animal Kingdom wasn't too terribly hot, but still pretty dang humid.  Note the glowing faces.

 Piper (and Bryan) enthralled by the safari

 Look at little Levi's happy face!


 Daddy Levi got in on the action, too.
 Aww...gross. ;)
Riding a dinosaur with Uncle Ale

The uncles taking the tots on a Jeep expedition.  Piper can't wait!

Poor baby Claire.  She did so well most of the time, but other times...this.

Impromptu dance class  Dorks. ;)

When Piper met the dog from Up, things got a little close.  And awkward.  She may have kissed his tongue.

This is a little more normal.  Whew.

And back to weird.  Kissing cousins!

The Boss!

Riding the choo-choo.
I get scared of the animatronic creatures.  Levi apparently does too.

 The whole gang! 
By this last picture, we were hot, sweaty, rained on, and exhausted.  We should have taken a good group shot at the beginning of the day rather than the end.  My smile definitely looks a little like a grimace.  But we had a fantastic time!  And we rode rides until they closed the park down!  Boo yeah.  That's how you do Disney, even with two year olds.