Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just Call Me Twinkle Toes

Can I brag for a minute? Is that okay?

I kind of feel like superwoman today! I got so much done! I did the dishes, the laundry (well, one load at least), made dinner, got my child down for an early nap, AND I taught three dance classes today. And now I'm exhausted and eating a candy bar.

I've been substitute teaching dance for about a year now. I have two friends who teach ballet, tap, and creative movement to two through six year olds. I've been teaching for them a lot this month, which has been really cool.  The class is very basic. It's a few easy ballet steps and a lot of fun get-the-wiggles-out dances, like the freeze dance and animal action.

Today I got to teach one class at the children's museum that some of our friends frequent. And one of our friends was in the class! She was so excited that I was her teacher; she kept hugging my legs. And her mom took a bunch of pictures, which was cool.

You can see Levi J in some of the pictures sitting in the corner playing on his kindle. He was an angel, thankfully, because the museum director and the activities director were both watching the whole class.

I'm teaching FOUR classes tomorrow. I might need more than one candy bar by the end of the day tomorrow.


  1. Saw these on facebook... so glad to see the explanation. They are such cute pictures! :)

  2. Woot woot! You are superwoman! I think you should start making Baby Levi participate in the class.