Friday, November 1, 2013

Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to East

Last night was Levi J's first time trick or treating! And it was so fun that we got to go in our new neighborhood. Almost every house on our block was giving out candy, and there were other kids out (but not too many). It was such a fun experience. We chatted with neighbors, went to a party a few blocks away, and handed out candy at our house. Perfect Halloween! Oh yeah, except I'm kind of sick. :P

Levi J was pretty shy. 
He would barely whisper "
Trick or treat." 

And he was a very slow walker house to house. But he was so dang cute!

Also, we carved pumpkins on Monday night with friends. By Halloween, mine was totally moldy. Boo! I hadn't even taken a picture of it. Mine is in the middle of the picture somewhere. It's a flamingo with a palm tree. Appropriate since our neighborhood is called Flamingo Park. Alas, no one in the neighborhood got to see it.

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