Thursday, December 26, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful day. It was the perfect mix of activities and relaxing, just how Christmas should be!

The little guy loved loved loved his presents. Thank you so much to all the family members who gave him fun and thoughtful gifts! He literally had too many presents. We saved a few under the tree for some post-Christmas excitement. He was getting a little burnt out on all the unwrapping.

But he was a happy kid! A bike from Grandma Sherrie, Cars slippers and movies from Santa, a train, stickers, and Amazon gift card from Grams (plus a million trucks that he opened over Thanksgiving and a big present still under the tree!), clothes and a Nerf gun from mom and Dad...the list goes on and on. And Levi J and daddy Levi had a blast playing with his toys all morning.

We went to see the movie Frozen, which inspired Levi J to play in the sn...rain afterwards (super cute movie by the way). And that evening we had turkey dinner with friends and the missionaries.

Though we didn't get to spend Christmas with family (other than our family of three), it was nice to avoid the stress and rush of traveling over the holidays. But you were not far from our thoughts! We love and miss our family this time of year, but we are so very grateful for our blessings: our home, all the comforts we could want, food and toys for our little guy to enjoy, but most of all, our beloved family of three and the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives our lives purpose and direction. I'm so thankful for the Savior's miraculous birth and his even more miraculous life, and I feel very blessed to celebrate him this time of year.

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