Monday, December 2, 2013

Gator Biking, New X-Games Event

One of our favorite things to do with out-of-town guests is to take them biking in the everglades. You almost always see lots of alligators up close and personal. This time I'm pretty sure we saw over 30. The bike trail is 14 miles round trip, but at the end is an awesome lookout where you see miles out into the glades, in addition to watching gators, turtles, and birds swim around below you. It's pretty awesome.

Those of you who know me are pretty skeptical that I actually biked 14 miles, aren't you? But I did, I promise! And for about six of those miles I towed Levi J in the bike seat, too! It is completely flat and paved the whole way, which definitely helps. I would never be able to do 14 miles on a trail or an incline. But I'm still pretty proud of myself for completing that ride for the third time, and with a baby on board for a good portion of the ride, too.

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