Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holly Jolly

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is decorating for Christmas! Friday after gator biking, we bought our Christmas tree, and Saturday after canoeing (I didn't take any pics of that adventure, sorry), we decorated the inside of the house. Strangely, our ceilings in this house are *so* high that our 8-foot tree looks puny! We thought about buying a gigantic tree, but after seeing the price tag ($200!) we decided against it.

Monday morning, Mom and Ray did the most thoughtful, helpful thing--they put up all the Christmas lights on the outside of the house! Isn't that what makes moms so great; they know instinctually what you really need and then they just do it. So awesome.

I tried to help with the lights but Levi J was one continual temper tantrum that morning. He and I did manage to set up the luminarias along the driveway together. But that was the extent of our help.

Mom and Ray left Monday afternoon, and we are missing them already!


  1. Love the tantrum pics! So funny! And your house looks super great! :)

  2. The lights look GOOD!!!!! So very glad. :)