Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adam and Yve

Look at these gorgeous orchids! They're growing from a tree in our backyard. We have at least four orchids on trees around our house. It's like the Garden of Eden around here cc

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Day, Another Disney

On Saturday we made another trip to Orlando. Levi still had one day left on his Disney pass, I think through a slip up on the entrance reader. We thought he had used all his days already, but last time we went they told him he still had an extra day. Boo yeah! I, however, did not have any more Disney days, so I spent the day at the temple! You know, the other happiest place on earth. ;)

We all had a great day. I got to spend six hours at the temple without worrying about the time, which was awesome. Five people from our ward received their own endowments, and I got to be the escort for one. I also did some sealings and some initiatories for family names. And afterwards, I got a pedicure!

The boys had a blast at Animal Kingdom, naturally. They had lunch at a cafe where a whole crew of Disney characters came right over to their table! They saw the Finding Nemo show, went on the animal safari, and saw the Bug's Life 3D movie. Also, Levi J was just talk enough to ride the river rapid ride! And boy did they get drenched! Levi said a wall of water just crashed right over them. They looked at each other, and Levi J looked like he was about to cry, but instead they both burst out laughing. Too cute!

We went up and back in one day, but the drive didn't seem bad. We had enough fun experiences in between the up and back to bask in all the way home.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Blues

Florida in February can be pretty glorious. Anyone itching for a vacation? 

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Boy Has Opinions

This morning I asked Levi J, "What should we have for breakfast?" He thought about it for a minute, then declared, "Fruit snack. Minions fruit snack." Haha.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great Aunts and Uncles are Great

Levi's Uncle Jack and Aunt Jan came to visit us. They were here on business, so they stayed with us for the night. While Jack went to a meeting the next day Levi J and I took Jan on a tour of Palm Beach. She had never seen South Florida before, and was in shock to be in 80 degree weather in February!

Levi J *loved* Aunt Jan and Uncle Jack! You can tell that they have 11 grandkids; they were so good with him!  They tickled him and played with him...and let him play on their iPhones. That last one may have been the kicker. ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


To finish up the previous post, we had a great second-half of Valentine's Day. Levi J and I had a fun Toddler BFF party, with lots of sweet treats and cute cards. Almost all of the regular members of our group were there (one mom was in labor! At home, though, not at the party, which is why I say "almost all"), and Melanie put together an adorable collage of all the kiddos. I love love love this group.

On Saturday we actually got a babysitter (a rare occasion for us!) and Levi and I went to a fashion show at a brand new mall. Dreamboat Mario Lopez hosted! And holy moly, he looks exactly like he did in Saved by the Bell. Too funny. As you can guess by the B-list celebrity, it was not a couture show, but it was pretty fun nonetheless, and then we got to do some shopping sans toddler, which was a treat. Levi planned the evening himself, and gets an A.

Hope you all got to spend quality time with your lovies! I love my boys and got to spend some great time with them this weekend.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Love-ly Day Ahead

Happy Valentine's Day! We have lots of love-ly adventures in store for us today, but here is our heart-fest so far.

I made donut Valentines and juice box/applesauce/raisin people for our toddler bff party that goes down later today. The juice box people look like a child army of minions. I love it.

This morning we had pink chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Levi J said, with a big smile on his face, "MAMA, I eat a chocolate!"I was tickled pink.

Also fun, I won a crocheted "XOXO" in a Facebook giveaway from a friend's store. It's the third time I've won a giveaway like that! And the "XOXO" is super cute.

Looking forward to more fun goings-on!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Force Is Strong With This One

So this child can't say his own name (he says "Name Big Bubby" :D ) but he can say "light saber" and name his color preference. Daddy is so proud.

Also, how young can you actually allow a kid to watch Star Wars without traumatizing him?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wild Child

This morning we were all hanging out in the bed, when Levi J declared "Steam roll time!!"

Saturday, February 8, 2014


A few weeks ago we spent a long weekend at Disneyworld! Have I mentioned how awesome it is to live in Florida? We last did Disney in August with the Brimhalls and Almeidas. At the time Disney had a sale for Florida residents where if you bought two days you got a third day free, and could buy a fourth day for only $20. The tickets were good for six months, so we went ahead and bought four days. That meant this trip our admission tickets were already paid for (and only cost $20); plus our hotel was free (with an annoying timeshare presentation), so all said it was a super cheap trip!

The weather was pretty cold, but luckily we knew that ahead of time and packed accordingly. The other downer was that it was really really crowded. But since we get to go fairly often (this was Levi J's fourth trip!), we didn't feel too bad about taking the day slowly and only doing the great rides once.

We had a really nice time. Levi J went bonkers for Buzz Lightyear, so we bought him the toy and the two have been inseparable since. The toy is actually pretty awesome; it's *exactly* like the movie toy, down to the "Andy" on the bottom of his foot, karate chop action, and the helmet that does that whoosh thing! We rode the Buzz ride AND the Woody ride, and even met Buzz.

We went to Magic Kingdom on Friday and Hollywood Studios on Saturday. Hollywood Studios is my favorite park, and it was the first time Levi J had been there. He loved it! He adored the Muppets movie, was in awe at the Jedi training (complete with stormtroopers and Darth Vader), and had his little mind blown at the Indiana Jones show, stunt car show, and Fantasmic water and light show.

This was the first time we got to try Disney's new fast pass system. In the past you've had to get the fast pass for a ride at the ride itself, which meant you had to run around the park collecting fast passes and then go back again later to ride the ride. This time, you could go to a kiosk and get fast passes for three rides right there. It saved a lot of time and hassle. Genius! Disney always amazes me with its innovation.

Also amazing: we got a free hot dog! Haha! We were sitting down eating our pb&js when a Disney worker just brought us a chili dog and said it was "from Mickey." How funny is that?

Big Levi was never much of a 
Disney-fanatic, but now that the little Levi loves it so much, he's totally changed his tune.