Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Day, Another Disney

On Saturday we made another trip to Orlando. Levi still had one day left on his Disney pass, I think through a slip up on the entrance reader. We thought he had used all his days already, but last time we went they told him he still had an extra day. Boo yeah! I, however, did not have any more Disney days, so I spent the day at the temple! You know, the other happiest place on earth. ;)

We all had a great day. I got to spend six hours at the temple without worrying about the time, which was awesome. Five people from our ward received their own endowments, and I got to be the escort for one. I also did some sealings and some initiatories for family names. And afterwards, I got a pedicure!

The boys had a blast at Animal Kingdom, naturally. They had lunch at a cafe where a whole crew of Disney characters came right over to their table! They saw the Finding Nemo show, went on the animal safari, and saw the Bug's Life 3D movie. Also, Levi J was just talk enough to ride the river rapid ride! And boy did they get drenched! Levi said a wall of water just crashed right over them. They looked at each other, and Levi J looked like he was about to cry, but instead they both burst out laughing. Too cute!

We went up and back in one day, but the drive didn't seem bad. We had enough fun experiences in between the up and back to bask in all the way home.

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