Sunday, February 16, 2014


To finish up the previous post, we had a great second-half of Valentine's Day. Levi J and I had a fun Toddler BFF party, with lots of sweet treats and cute cards. Almost all of the regular members of our group were there (one mom was in labor! At home, though, not at the party, which is why I say "almost all"), and Melanie put together an adorable collage of all the kiddos. I love love love this group.

On Saturday we actually got a babysitter (a rare occasion for us!) and Levi and I went to a fashion show at a brand new mall. Dreamboat Mario Lopez hosted! And holy moly, he looks exactly like he did in Saved by the Bell. Too funny. As you can guess by the B-list celebrity, it was not a couture show, but it was pretty fun nonetheless, and then we got to do some shopping sans toddler, which was a treat. Levi planned the evening himself, and gets an A.

Hope you all got to spend quality time with your lovies! I love my boys and got to spend some great time with them this weekend.

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