Thursday, March 20, 2014

Green-Tinged Memories

Two years ago, a St. Patrick's Day picnic was basically the first time I met my dear friends, sometimes called the Moms Group, sometimes called the Toddler BFFs, always known as the girls (and their babies) that I couldn't live without!

Of course, we had to attend our third annual St. Patrick's Day picnic and reminisce about when they were little butterballs who could barely move. Good times were had by all, then and now!

I do have to share one funny story. Little Izzy's dad is named Patryck, so little Liam was thoroughly confused as to why Patryck wasn't there for his party. "But it's Patryck's day? Where's Patryck? Where's his cake? Where's his present?" It did no good to explain St. Patrick's Day to him, because how do you explain St. Patrick to a toddler? Hilarious.

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