Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm Going There Someday...Soon!

The Fort Lauderdale is going to be dedicated this Sunday! We are so excited! It has been such a long wait (almost five years since it was announced), and we have been so anxious for it.

We recently had three weeks of open house where visitors could attend before the temple is dedicated. Levi, Lexi, and Alejandro all volunteered as tour guides and had some great experiences. I've been too sick to volunteer at the open house unfortunately, but I did sew skirts for the cultural celebration that will be held on Saturday. President Uchtdorf will be here for the cultural celebration and the dedication this weekend. Elder Holland came last weekend, met with the youth at their cultural celebration rehearsal, and left an apostolic blessing with them. Elder Cook came the week before and met with the priesthood leaders, including Levi! Levi got to meet him, as well as the Presiding Bishop and Elder Thompson from the 70. It's a very exciting time here.

We took Levi J to the open house and had a great tour. The temple is so beautiful. I know that all temples are beautiful, but I promise that this one is especially beautiful. Everyone is talking about how beautiful that bride's room is. It has a chandelier of blue glass! Every ordinance room has windows with natural light, which is pretty unusual for a temple. And there are beautiful murals of Florida beach and flora that are very cool.

We unfortunately are not going to be able to attend the dedication at the temple itself, but it will be broadcast to our meetinghouse. And we can't wait to go to a session very soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter Egg!

Levi J really loved Easter this year. I'm so glad he wasn't able to see what other moms did for their kids for Easter, because he would have been very jealous. I did not feel great, so our festivities were kept to a minimum, and his Easter basket was frankly pretty lame.

But luckily he didn't know the difference! He was pretty happy. We did make it to two Easter egg hunts, one with our BFFs and one in a nearby community, and we got to visit the Easter Bunny at both. Levi J was not a Santa fan at Christmas, but the Easter Bunny was his guy. He was talking about the bunny for days.

On Sunday, we had church at 9 am, which is hard enough to manage with a toddler, a barfing mama, and a dad with early bishopric meetings, so we didn't do Easter baskets until after church. Levi J was asking about the Easter Bunny all during church, and I used it to get him to behave during sacrament meeting.

When we got home, I had to do a mad dash to get into the house before Levi J and toss his basket in a semi-hidden spot for him to find. He was thrilled. Even though it was pretty paltry, he was pretty excited. Though he was confused that he could see the bunny at Easter parties but not when the bunny actually came to his house.

And to top off his little boy sweetness, Monday night he busted out this sentence out of the clear blue sky: "Jesus Christ died for us." Awe.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free Range

When I'm sick in bed, Levi J has to live free-range. Usually he just wants to lay in bed with me and read books or watch movies (I have taught him well). But sometimes he does get into a little mischief. Today was the scissors. Thankfully he didn't cut anything that wasn't okay to cut (like his hair, his fingers, the couch, my clothes). I don't know how much more of this "morning" sickness we'll survive.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

There's this one weird thing about our house that I hate. When it rains, we end up with a million billion dead worms on our driveway. And then once they're dead they attach to the pavement like krazy glue and stay there forever. Of course, Levi J loves them, dead or alive (the live ones he picks up and they wiggle around in his fingers while he laughs). But to me, ewwww!