Monday, May 26, 2014

Beach Bums

Two weeks ago Krystle, Paul, and Peyton paid us a visit from Arizona! It was so fun to have them!

They stayed in Miami with Lexi and Ale the majority of the time and enjoyed the free babysitting, sleeping in, the beach, free babysitting, fish tacos, and oh yeah, free babysitting! Levi J and I met up with them for a beach day on Wednesday. On Saturday we all got together for kayaking, barbeque, biking, and some more beach. Sunday we all did an evening barbeque at our casa. By Monday we thought they would be beached out, but they wanted one last beach day so we obliged with a beach perfect for the toddlers.

Unfortunately I was not good with the picture taking. I didn't even get a shot with all three sisters together! And Peyton was so fast on his feet it was hard to get a good picture of him. So apologies for that.

Yay for family!

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