Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Day To Me

We have a tradition in our moms group (moms group or moms' group? I guess either makes sense) of doing a Mother's Day craft party with the toddlers. We make Mother's Day presents for ourselves, because it's pretty much the only way you'll get a toddler-made craft you actually want (if we waited for the dads to do it it would either not happen at all [most likely scenario] or be kind of terrible, ha). We also make Mother's Day crafts for the grandmas, too.

This year, Levi J and I made a cement stepping stone to put in our garden. It has his hand- and footprint, shells, starfish, shark teeth, and some pretty green glass. I love it! I can just imagine looking at it with him as a teenager or grown man and sighing at how small he once was.


  1. Love this!! I'm totally waiting for Steven to come up with the brilliant plan to make one... but alas, Noah and Roxi will probably be grown, because you're right. Ha! (Although, in his defense, he did have Noah make me a cool pot with his hand prints last year). :)

  2. Very cool stepping stone. What a good keepsake!!!!!

    By the way.......thank you sooooo very much for the gifts you and Levi J sent me for Mother's Day. LOVE everything